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Freeride Guides Saalbach

Freeride Saalbach

Saalbach: Versatile and lots to discover: stunning slopes, treeruns, gullies.

Since the merger with Fieberbrunn and Zell am See, Saalbach has not only become the second largest ski area in Austria, but also a real freeride mecca - if you know where.

We grew up here and looked for and found new slopes from an early age. No matter the exposure, steepness or type of terrain – we can put together your freeride day tailored to your skills.


You can also choose the length of the hikes and tours. 100 or 1000 m or would you prefer variants? No problem in our "Turf."

Just tell us what your perfect day in the field in Saalbach would look like.





  • 1-2 Persons 450 €

  • 3 Persons 170 € p.P.

  • 4 Persons 140 € p.P.

  • 5 Persons 120 € p.P.

  • 6 Persons 110 € p.P. 

Duration: 1 day / 5 hours


Services included


  • Leadership and organization by a mountain guide

  • Avalanche equipment (LVS, probe and shovel)


Services exclusive


  • Ski pass 

  • Transfers by taxi

  • Parking fees when arriving by car

  • The additional costs may vary and are for guidance only




Special deal:


We are happy to call one of the hottest sports photographers our friend. Awarded twice in the Redbull Ilume and in Austria.


If you've always wanted a cool picture of yourself freeriding, then this is your chance for a professional shoot.


Depending on what you want, we will put together an individual offer for you.


You can get inspiration now in his gallery:Daniel Roos Photography

Freeriden in Saalbach

Any questions or book your perfect ski tour now?

Send us an email or call us. If you can't reach us, we're probably somewhere in the mountains. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.


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