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Lawinen Workshop

Avalanche workshop

Avalanches come as a surprise. You can only be well prepared for it with the necessary routine.

The increasing temperature fluctuations in winter lead to complex snow layer structures. Avalanches occur on slopes where there was nothing before. The common leitmotif “it will be fine” has never fit before and now even less so. 

But you can prepare for avalanches - with the right equipment, know-how and the routine that runs fully automatically even under great stress. Not only that. We will also show you how to recognize danger zones, how to lay your lane safely and how to make sure that you arrive at the bottom safely and with your big grin on your way down.
If you understand the mountain, the snow and the avalanche, you can enjoy any terrain even more.


  • ​Price on request

  • Individual design 

Services included

  • Guidance and organization by a mountain and ski guide

  • Avalanche equipment (LVS, probe and shovel)

Services exclusive

  • Ski pass 

  • Transfers by taxi

  • Parking fees when arriving by car

LVS course Basic 1
Basic 1

It's all about being: practice, practice, practice. The safe and “blind” handling of your equipment and the correct procedure in an emergency. Step by step: From VLS search, probing, making an emergency call to correct shoveling.

LVS Workshop Basic 2
Basic 2

Now we go out into the field. Under real conditions, we deepen all processes, measures and roles from Basic 1.

LVS workshop with mountain guide

In addition to the correct use of your equipment, you will learn everything you need before and after an avalanche: snow knowledge, snow profiles, hazard assessment, first aid and rescuing friends. Of course we go for thath also into the terrain and trainon site. Compared to Basic 1 and 2, this workshop lasts two days. This means you are well prepared for your next tours.

Any questions or would you like to book an avalanche workshop?

Send us an email or call us. If you can't reach us, we're probably somewhere in the mountains. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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